Spring 2017 – Week 4&5

During week 4 I met with Matt and talked about my concept-directions and shared my content for a website. During this discussion we talked about how I could differentiate between service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs and decided on the concept where I was using the squares in the background as a starting point. We agreed that I would come with 10 variations of patch design for the next week to get input on.


The next week I was able to talk with a group of people in my grade for feedback. I presented them with this patch_ideation and they had a lot of great feedback.

  • more campaign
    • posters
    • bumper stickers
    • business cards for SD teams to hand out about the type of team they are and the website
    • show these in hospitals and airports
  • Levels that someone can choose
    • type of dog
    • can I pet it or not? (Do not pet, ask first, petting allowed)
    • Where can I learn more?
  • Maybe don’t need the www. and the .com
    • more legible in lower case
    • have space between helping and paws
  • put work “service dog”, “emotional support”, and “therapy dog”
  • don’t need the dog on the patch

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