Week 7

This week I presented to Ian, Todd, and Datina about my overall project for feedback. It was only a 10 minute presentation with a Q&A so they weren’t able to get everything I wanted them to. After talking with Sean, I am in a good place and on the right track to keep moving forward.

One thing I did get out of the presentation was to think about how am I going to drive people to my website? I can make a website all I want but who cares? Thinking about this and thinking about what is already in use by most service dog teams I have decided to add a patch. Although it is not required, most service dogs wear a vest with patches on it stating that they are a service dog and other various phrases. My thought is that you can’t stop people from looking at a service dog so why not use that as an advantage? If I create a patch that people can put on the vests with my website on it, it will hopefully drive people to want to know more and go to the website. This would help get the information out there and also create less confrontation for service dog teams.




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